It starts with your brand & homepage.

My belief is that your brand & homepage are the building blocks upon which the remainder of your site thrives. I spend the most time working on a homepage to get firm approval on the direction before beginning interior pages. If you don't have a logo or strong brand, don't worry! I do that too.

My speciality is creating sites from scratch. I work primarily in Squarespace & Shopify and have different packages to fit several different needs.


Your interior matters, too

You can't just have a cool homepage and let the interior fall flat. I'm a firm believer in that. I strive to ensure that your interior has a seamless flow, since I'm a UX designer as well. I won't hesitate to make suggestions to help you improve your process flow.


But what are some sites you've worked on?

Yes yes, the good stuff! I like to highlight three sites at a time that are the freshest and most current. Below you'll see three case studies of my current three favorites.


MLevel Mac with blur.jpg

mlevel: custom wordpress

Partnering with The Eddy, this site was a great design for a B2B product. We had the ability to completely revamp their existing site and had free reign! Developed with The Eddy.

Chic soul: shopify

What fun! I was thrilled to design a clothing boutique site. I truly got to unlock my girly-girl and fashion side. This site was built in Shopify and was an entirely custom-designed site. Developed by Kelly Vaughn.

bespoken art: shopify

Bespoken Art was one of the most unique sites I've worked on. This site sells art that's created from entirely sound waves. It was custom built on Shopify completely from scratch. Developed by Kelly Vaughn.