Web Design Questionnaire 

Hello! You've been led here because you're about to embark on a web design project with me. I can't wait - but to help me, the below form will help me start to design. Please note that at the bottom of the form, I do ask for a few site links to sites you LOVE that could help with your brand building!

Name *
If you have none, please put "need site."
Project Deadline *
Project Deadline
"ASAP" and "whenever" are not specific enough deadlines - please choose one you are comfortable with. Most projects take 2-6 weeks, depending on complexity and type.
Do you have an event? A conference? Hitting the holiday season? Because I made you pick something? Let me know so we can work toward your goal!
What's your domain status? *
What about logo / brand? *
Are you interested in seeing my branding packages as well?
Let's talk about your business
The following questions will allow me to get to know your project a little better, and more accurately quote your needs.
Example: increase revenue, display better information, portfolio, etc.
Where does your current traffic come from? *
Logos count as well - where are people learning about your brand?
What assets do you currently have? *
Check all that apply.
What are some functions of your site? *
Check all that apply! Sites can do multiple things!
Let's talk about our feelings.
Here's where I'm going to dig into the emotions - how you feel about your site, some emotions, and more.
Tell me what feels good! If you don't have one, why don't you tell me a bit about what you admire about current brands today, or your favorite brand?
Be brutal - if you hate your font, your photography, unleash the fury! If you don't have one, let's chat about current design trends you hate - or things you hate. Neon makes you cringe? Script fonts are not your deal? Let it out!
Professional? Comforting? Serious? Tell me what you're really feeling - and more importantly - how people should feel when they come to your site.
Example: mid 30's female, searching for baby clothes
Personal favorites: Dollar Shave Club, Modcloth, and of course, Apple.
Fast forward six months. We’re seeing ongoing excellent results from your new site / brand. What does this look like?
List them out by brand name or URL.
Get it all off your chest!

After submitting, I'll email you a copy of your brief and reach out with any additional questions! Thank you!