We're done with your site - hooray! But now, you need small changes or a few monthly items to keep your online presence rolling. What do you do? You don't have the time and you sort of forgot all of your Squarespace training. Enter O + Co Maintenance - we offer a monthly, one-stop-shop Squarespace retainer that ensures your updates get made within 48 hours.

Maintenance Package


The retainer will start at the beginning of every month - all analytics reviews will be done the last week of the month. Edits will be made within 48 hours. No monthly minimum - choose to have it for one month or not!

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.11.55 PM.png

Unlimited Edits and Tweaks

  • Changes made within 48 hours*

  • Changes can be text, tweaks to functionality, adding information, and more

  • Suggestions and advice based on changes - if I see room for improvement, I'll let you know!

  • SEO Sweep - we'll make sure everything is up to par SEO-wise

*this does not include the weekend- business days only!

Blog Posting

  • Includes up to 3 blogs per month - we’ll help post, tag, and categorize them!

  • We can also post to social media from Squarespace for you!

Analytics Review

At the end of the month, we'll compile an analytics review to show you how you're doing - complete with advice, recommendations, and a breakdown of what exactly you're looking at.

Bi-Weekly Newsletter

You'll receive a bi-weekly (only twice a month!) newsletter for Squarespace tips, best practices, book reviews, design advice, and more. This newsletter will remind you to post a blog, do a social media post, and keep you on track with your Squarespace site!

But...what if I don't want the maintenance package, and I need a change on my site?

I’ll never leave one of my clients stranded. But to date, I’ve done over 35 Squarespace sites, and if everyone emailed me for free changes at the same time, I’d have no time to design. That’s why I’ve now introduced a change-fee - any changes to your site will be billed via PayPal or Venmo at $25 (and we can’t guarantee timing). That’s it. Just a quick fee to allow me to help pay my junior designers and keep my business rolling.