You have questions, I have answers. Lots of ‘em.

You aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a new site package, but you know you need to start somewhere. Content, organization, and where to even begin are all on the front of your mind. Or, you’ve got questions about how to be self-employed and want to chat with someone who’s been working solo for five years.

Book a strategy call with me to talk about anything Squarespace / Design - from site mapping, to content direction, to even workshopping a few pages on your site - we can do it all!

Strategy Session: $115 

75 minutes! Can be in person or via phone.



  • One hour and 15 mins strategy time with my lightning-fast Squarespace edits & advice. We can meet in person if you’re in Atlanta! My office is at Alkaloid Network right on the Beltline!
    (Or, we can meet at Hodgepodge, Kavarna, or virtually any coffee shop in the Atlanta area!)

  • Hyper-efficient answers - we’ll pull up your Squarespace site, and start working! We can set up your blog, walk through templates, decide on design choices, play with design, and more.

  • Resources, links, advice, and all things related to launching your site will be sent to you in a packaged email after the session.

  • Follow-up email to be sure that all of your questions and concerns are completely answered!


Need a Virtual Session?

No problem! We don’t need to be in person. We will schedule a screenshare session and get just as much done.
Additionally, I will record video tips afterward!