Logo Design Brief

Hello there! You've been navigated to this page because we're about to work together on a logo project - AWESOME! Before I begin, I have a few questions about your logo that will help me get a better sense of direction. The following form will take about 5 minutes.

At the end, you'll see I also request about 5-10 images on a Pinterest board or shared in an email of logos that you love, emulate the style you want, or has components (either fonts or colors) that you love.

A sample Pinterest board can be found here.


Please complete the form below

Name *
What is the exact logo name? For example: "Rocky Heights Store." Oftentimes this does differ from the business name if the logo is for an event or sub-brand.
Is there a tagline to be included? For example: "Rocky Heights Store: A Step Above the Rest"
Tell me a bit about your demographic - who is this logo for? For example, for "Rocky Heights Store" the demographic is active males / females 20 - 30 who love the outdoors.
Do we love color? Do we want black/white? Take a moment to type out a few colors that you like. This should also be evident in your mood board.
Script? Clean lines? Black and white? Tell me what you like in the world of logo design, or what you like about your current logo.
Hate watercolor? Wish script never existed? Let it all out.
Do you like their logos? Want to stand out?
Let me know how you intend to use this logo so we can ensure the format works for all uses!
This can include superheroes, fantasy characters, or even celebrities! My logo would be Hermione. It's to the point, and my brand is very green and I hope I have lots of resources and knowledge!
Take a moment and really tell me what you're seeking in a logo. This can be emotions you want it to convey, someone else's logo you really admire, or what you really hate about your existing logo.
Inspiration *
Alrighty - now go forth and hunt! I'd love to see 5-10 logos you would like to see as inspiration. This can be a Pinterest board, a collection of photos, etc. They don't all have to be related to your field - you can show me what inspires you in general. Fonts, colors, and more! Have fun!

After you submit, please note that I'll respond with an email asking for either a Pinterest board or mood board!