My Biggest Adventure to Date: Russia for the World Cup!

From June 19th to July 4th, I'll be on the biggest, craziest trip I've taken in my lifetime.

I've been out of the country exactly three times: Costa Rica when studying abroad in college, then Spain and Mexico with my fiancé. All three times, I could speak Spanish and could communicate with everyone around me. The longest of those trips, Costa Rica, was a rich, lovely 11 days - during the summer of my junior year, when I had zero cares in the world. We were in Spain for a whirlwind 4 days - my shortest trip, and my first true experience with jet lag.

My fiancé is an avid soccer fan - following Mexico's team across the globe to places like Germany and South Africa. The cup is in Russia this year - and this time, I'll be joining him!

I'm incredibly nervous.

We'll be gone for a solid 14 days - two full weeks, which means two weeks away from clients. This is the biggest, longest, and most nerve-wracking trip I'll be going on to date. Not only can I not speak a bit of Russian, the culture, food, and everything about Russia is going to be insanely foreign to me. I'm not taking a computer, which will make the longest time without a computer I've had since...well....ever.

How am I managing work?

Very reluctantly - I finally stopped taking clients three weeks before my trip. That alone was incredibly hard for me, because I'm self-employed, and clients are my main income. I usually take two weeks off during the holidays, but the advantage there is, well, so does everyone else - it's a perfectly normal time of year to take some time for yourself. This time, it's the middle summer, when clients are their most active.

Well...did that work?

No! I ended up still taking on clients, but only those who were willing to put their projects on hold for two weeks while I traveled. This was a huge growing experience, because it taught me that clients are willing to wait for good work and that all timelines don't need to be as fast as I need them to be.

Can we follow along?

Sure! I'll be posting on instagram, using my instagram stories, and maybe posting a follow-up blog!

Wish me luck!