ad hoc pricing

Hello! While it's always cheaper to bundle my services, sometimes my clients love coming back to me to get smaller things done after a big project launch. My hourly rate is $65/hr for marketing / collateral, and $75/hr for custom site design (additional pages) and UX / UI work. I also offer data entry / migration / product assistance at $35/hr. 


design needs

Business Card Design: $150

Includes 2 versions to choose from. I will help set up in platform of choice, (Moo recommended). 

Mailchimp Template Design: $250

Includes template design within brand, browser testing, and metrics tracking. 
I also offer a "Buy Two, Get One Free" if multiple templates are needed.

Custom Email Template: $400 (will require developer)

Includes cross-browser compliance and all files provided to developer.
I'll also communicate with your developer to ensure perfect template design.

Social Media Package: $250
Includes headers across platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). Also includes 5 custom graphics for posting. 

Marketing Collateral: $65/hr

Marketing collateral will be quoted dependent upon needs. 


data / migration needs

Blog Migration: $300
Professional blog migration from Wordpress to Squarespace or Squarespace to Squarespace. Includes expert tagging and cleanup.

SEO tagging: $150

Professional SEO cleanup on your Squarespace site. Includes metrics overview as well as tagging.

Data assistance: $35/hr

Need someone to help with migration, tagging, or general cleanup? We offer simple data assistance at $35/hr.