Why am I Doing the 30 Day List?

Well, first and foremost, for my excellent client Trey Humphreys. His passion for being BETTER and improving his life and the lives of others is downright contagious. Why wouldn't I? He brought me on to help him with all of his various hustles, 30 Day List being one of them. I often participate in my client's products and services and this was not going to be the exception.

Secondly, because I need a reset. I need to push myself outside of my work and my 10-12 hour design days and do something for ME. Not a single item on my list has to do with my job or my work. They're all things to push me as a person, as a human. (Well, except for actually taking a day off of work, but I felt that was more about me.)

I encourage you to take aside the next 30 days of your own life and push yourself to do MORE. To challenge yourself, excite yourself, put yourself in uncomfortable situations, put yourself in better situations.

To read the full rules and participate, head over to 30 Day List and check it out!