#15 - Learn to Change a Tire

How had I gone my entire adult life not knowing how to change a tire? 

AAA, that's how. With that card in my wallet, I'm unstoppable. Locked my keys in my car? They come in a minute. Flat tire? I summon a stronger person than myself to come help me. 

"But what if you lose cell reception?" asked my wonderful fiancé. He had a point. What IF I was in a situation with no cell service, a dead phone, and a flat tire? The world doesn't feel like a safe place right now, so hitchhiking doesn't really feel like an option.

Hence, learning to change a tire. 

Luckily, Adrian's truck has had a flat for about three months now, and due to being busy, lazy, and a magical combination of both, it hadn't been changed. Enter: me!

I can definitely say that it was much easier than I had imagined it'd be. It's almost like car manufacturers know that dumb white girls might end up stranded and need a simple solution. It also didn't take too long - under an hour, just in time for us to grab dinner afterward. 

How did this change me / what did I learn?

Self-sufficiency is only a step away - you just have to be willing to learn. Always relying on someone else isn't the best way to live. Also - it got my fiancé and I off of the couch and doing something together with our hands. He was ENERGIZED after the tire was on. I remembered that he enjoys quality time with me (I'm more of a gifts gal myself) but seeing him so happy made me realize that there are other things we can do together besiI did ndes watching our favorite shows!

What's next on my list? Holding a tarantula? (please reach out if you know someone who has one!) Taking that random day off of work? Who knows!