We're done with your site - hooray! But now, you need small changes or a few monthly items to keep your online presence rolling. What do you do? You don't have the time and you sort of forgot all of your Squarespace training. Enter O + Co - we offer a monthly, one-stop-shop Squarespace retainer that ensures your updates get made within 48 hours.

You'll also get a set of goodies every month - an analytics report, social media graphics, tweaks to your Mailchimp or monthly blog posts. We'll fine-tune your SEO to get you listed higher on google and keep your site moving.

Maintenance Package


This package is for those who are maintaining an online brand or presence consistently. I'm hands-on all month, always checking in on your site when I'm already logged into Squarespace. Changes made within 48 hours!

The retainer includes:

• Unlimited small tweaks to existing pages on website

• Blog posts - we'll tag 'em and post 'em for you

• Analytics review of your site's performance - straight to your inbox

YOU CHOOSE! Choose between: social media package, Mailchimp tweaks & templates, full page redesigns or additions, or something else we talk through!