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Small Business Solutions

When you’re a small business, your brand and website feels like an extension of you. But just thinking about DIYing your logo and website makes you tired. You're too busy and it's not your forte. Plus, you know that the true value of a professional brand and website is that it makes you sales and brings clients to your door (or inbox.) 

You need an affordable brand and web designer for your new or growing business. That's me! Using my collaborative design process, we'll make your concepts a reality and capture the vision you have for your company. 


squarespace design

You have a new business that needs a web presence - but on a shoestring budget. I can help.



Your new business isn't complete without a vision to go with it - a logo design that suits your aesthetic.



One of my favorite things to design - I love creating labels for oils and packages for new products.


Small Business Portfolio

Below are a few other small businesses I've helped launch into the digital word - brand and site!