Branding / Identity

Whether you need a logo for your small business or a full branding package, I can help you visualize what's been shaking around in your mind. I'll take the process from a rough Pinterest board / mood board to a few concepts - then solidifying and providing you with all the tools you need to continue to succeed.


Modern Mystic Shop

Kelley Knight of Modern Mystic fame approached me needing a rebrand for her personal business into a fully fledged storefront. I was honored to be able to not only create the logo, but also create packaging around the brand as well as all signage & collateral pieces.


Ensley Fairfield

I was approached by a few family friends with the need for a new logo to mimic their "old" style to keep a traditional feel. This was to be accompanied by a few business cards and a great letterhead. 

Chic Soul

Chic Soul knew what they wanted - a cute script and this season's hottest colors, rose quartz and serenity. I was thrilled to receive such solid direction on the onset and we ended up with a logo that perfectly captured their site as well as their soul!

Going the Extra Mile

PRO*ACT loves sub-brands that follow the initial theme of their original branding, but remains current and fresh. Going the Extra Mile is meant to capture the benefits of staying sustainable, recycling, and 'going the extra mile' in best practices for farming and restaurants.

The faces of diabetes

Edward Fieder came to me with a need for a logo that both captured his personality as a photographer and his non-profit, The Faces of Diabetes. I was thrilled that the logo turned out to have a camera-esque quality as well as truly representing the non-profit.



But wait, there's more!

I don't have a type. No really, I don't! I want to help the dance studios, the mattress companies, the big businesses, and yours, too! Whether you're needing an uber-professional logo or a cutesy logo for your boutique - I can absolutely deliver. Small, large, polka dotted, professional - I can handle it.