Let me know how I did!

Hello - I enjoyed working with you. I hope you enjoyed working with me! To better allow me to serve future clients, grow my business, and be all-around a better person, I'd love it if you filled out this super quick survey about how I did! At the end, you can choose to allow me to publish this, or not! Thank you!

Level with me - literally!
Level with me - literally!
You feel like your vision was achieved, and your project is an exact reflection of what you wanted.
Your project was done on-time for you to meet deliverables and start your business off right.
Communication was pleasant and polite.
Communication was speedy - I never waited for a response!
Do you feel the pricing was fair for the speed, quality, and outcome of work?
Would you refer a friend to me in the future? Keep in mind - I do referral fees! If you refer, you get a discount off future services.