Photography: You Have No Excuse

Where do I get stock photography?

Lucky for us - we live in the golden age of stock photography.

Places like Shutterstock and iStockphoto have very specific images for purchase (need a 50+ year old woman with glasses reading a computer? They've got you covered) - but what about for your site? What about depth, beauty, personality? 

Recently, I've worked with a handful of sites that were on super low budgets and needed imagery to complete their looks. Photography dominates website designs these days. Large heroes, banner images everywhere, photography for every nook and crevice of a web page. So where do I look? Where do I send my clients?

Never fear - there are four, strong stock sites I always send people to in their times of need, and they've never let me down.


Stocksnap, I sing your praises daily! Stocksnap is a champion of your run-of-the-mill stock. Business shots, landscape, indoors - they've got it. They aren't the artsy-est provider of the bunch, but they are the most commercial you'll find.


Pexels is an aggregator that pulls from a few other sites. Thank goodness! You can come straight here to see what a handful of sites are pulling these days. They're cleanly organized and have a different selection than Stocksnap.


Unplash is for artists. The photos provided on Unsplash are stunning and for a specific audience. Whereas Stocksnap is more commercial, Unsplash is where you'll find breathtaking views or stunning close up textures. 

Free Images, the old standby! Their images are not at all comparable to the first three by any means - but their silhouette select is unmatched. Recently I needed a tomato for a produce site. I didn't need an artsy version - I only needed a single, round tomato. Free images delivered on the first page.