Squarespace SEO and You

I get asked constantly from my Squarespace clients what they can do to boost their SEO. There's so much good material out there - but it can be overwhelming to swim through! Below you'll find the top 5 things you can do to boost your SEO on Squarespace and get your site listed higher on google. Much of this content comes from Squarespace itself, but hopefully this is condensed down to a more manageable bite! (Click to view the Squarespace article.)

#1 - Verify Your Site!

View instructions. Listing your site is essential - Google is more likely to list sites that are 100% verified across the board. It's like having an LLC for your business or a verified mark on Twitter (though this is free!)

#2 Blog and Tag Everything

Google is a robot. It is not a human being deciding from 10 sites which 5 deserve to go on the front page. How do robots function? Searching. If your site has more keywords and posts and activity than another's, you're going to get listed higher! The more you blog, and the more consistent you are with tagging every single blog post, the higher your site will appear!

#3 Add in Your Business Information

When you're driving down the highway and you're craving tacos, do you go to Google or Google Maps? Google Maps, and you type in 'tacos.' If your business doesn't have a physical location, phone number, or email - Google is much less likely to pick it up. Ensure that your location is registered on Google as well as Squarespace! How to Add Your Business on Google

#4 Ask Others to Link to Your Site

Think of it this way - if other people are linking to your site, Google will say "Hey! This looks like a rad popular place. Maybe it should go higher." What's the best way to do this? Ask others to endorse you. Pay for blog posts to be written about your business. Partner with others. When you're asked to write testimonials - ask that they link your name in the byline. Facebook does not count! This needs to be on other sites that Google can crawl.


Your page information. The tags. Alt text on images. Scour through every single window, button, and nook on Squarespace and make sure there is text! Not just ANY text. If you're selling tacos, don't write "This is my business." Write "Tacos in Atlanta are the spiciest, most delicious, and affordable tacos in the area!" Note how I've written Tacos twice there!

Hopefully that will get you started in your SEO adventure! Please contact me with any questions or thoughts.