Work / Life Balance and Slowing Down

I'm currently the busiest I have ever been.

Not only did my fiancé and I travel to the world cup for three weeks in June/July, we're also planning our wedding AND buying our first home. If that's not enough, we'll also be taking a two week honeymoon to Italy in November (and then the holidays are upon us!)


Wedding + home buying at the same time means calls to plumbers, addressing invites, home inspections, DIY decorations, hiring movers, planning the flow of the wedding, pricing out contractors, and so on. It's a LOT of work and basically a second job. I'm also skill-swapping - meaning instead of paying a photographer, a photo booth, a yoga studio, and a makeup artist - I'm designing websites for them, for free in my spare time.

My clients are starting to feel the pain / pressure of not having me on speed dial. I'm not responding within hours like I usually do, and my same-day requests are impossible to accomplish.

But you know what? I'm okay with this.

I'm getting my work done. I'm still producing quality work. I've done some of the best logos I've ever done in the past few weeks. I'm taking things one hour, one day at a time so as not to kill myself or skimp on quality. 

I'm currently responding to emails within 48 hours. That's the best I can do and I'm happy with that - as MOST of the workforce responds to emails within that time frame. This has panicked a few of my clients - causing repeat emails with "are you there? Is everything okay?" and I've simply explained that I'm overloaded, still doing my best at work, and just a bit slower to respond to emails.

As a result, I've also extended my working hours through the end of the year to 9:00am - 7:00pm, and adding a few weekend hours. I DO care about my clients and getting work done and know that I'm not going to stop taking on work (well, at least in September!)

I appreciate everyone's patience as I progress my life forward in the same way that I propel my career - creating a home and a happy marriage for my fiancé and I.