Why I Don't Work Weekends

Everyone works their best on a different schedule, and that's what I love about being a freelancer. I know a morning designer that works from 7am - 3pm. I'm a night owl, so I tend to work 10:00am to 7:00pm and get all my household chores done in the morning (along with eating breakfast - the most important meal of the day!) before I start to work. Whether morning birds or night owls work 30 or 60 hours - there is one thing we have in common: what the 50th hour looks like. It's not pretty.

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Olivia Hutto
Where Do I Get My Clients?

Tonight when I opened my site to write a blog post, I wanted to start with my story - how I came to be a designer, what influenced me, how many years, projects, and struggles it took to get here. But most of you aren't interested in that. The #1 question I have been asked in the past year of 100% full-time freelance is this:


Gaining a client base wasn't easy, and that's the honest truth. 

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